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Fine Ceramic Self-heating Fondue

Desktop DelightIndulge in Rich, Velvety Flavor with Every Dip

Embrace the indulgence of the Fondi - a fine ceramic self-heating fondue set designed to elevate your snacking experience. Simply place the Fondi on the OHOM Pad, add your choice of shredded cheese or chocolate, and watch as it melts into a luxurious, velvety delight. Whether you’re pairing with crisp vegetables, ripe fruits, or crunchy chips, the Fondi ensures your fondue stays melted from the first dip to the last.

Fondi Black
Fondi White
Fondi Gray
Fondi Navy
Fondi Blue
Fondi Green
Fondi Pink


Fine ceramic self-heating fondue set that melts cheese or chocolate
to perfection and wirelessly charges your cell phone.