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Self heating mug next to book

UiArtist Collection

Fine Ceramic Self-heating Mug

Made by Ceramic Artisan

Transcend the ordinary with the Ui Artist Collection, an enchanting array of fine ceramic self-heating mugs meticulously handmade by skilled ceramic artisans.

Each mug in this exclusive line is a testament to the sublime beauty and uniqueness that can only be achieved through traditional craftsmanship.


Advanced Electromagnetic HeatingKeeps Your Drink Hot

Embrace the artistry of the OHOM Unity Collection, where each piece is meticulously hand-crafted by skilled ceramic artisans. Every item showcases precision and passion. Experience a blend of traditional techniques and modern design across this collection, ensuring each piece isn’t just functional but a masterpiece that enhances every moment of leisure and comfort.

A Multipurpose Pad that Heats Your DrinkAlso Charges Your Phone & Earbuds

The OHOM Pad 3 takes innovation to the next level, offering seamless functionality to charge your cell phone and heat your Ui Mug, Leiph Teapot, Jun Diffuser, and Fondi Fondue—all in one device. Constructed from unibody aluminum alloy and high-strength tempered glass, this charger is designed for durability, convenience, and spill resistance.

The Making of the Ui Artist Collection

Dive behind the scenes and see the meticulous
artistry that brought the Ui Artist Collection to life.

artist collection radiance mug
artist collection mint mug
artist collection fuscia mug
artist collection midnight mug
artist collection iron mug

Ui Artist Collection

Hand-crafted ceramic self-heating mug made by artisans that keeps your drink hot and wirelessly charges your cell phone

Meticulously HandcraftedCrafting Tradition, Inspiring Innovation

The Ui Artist Collection mugs are true works of art, skillfully handcrafted by renowned artisans known for their exceptional ceramics. Each mug is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and subject to strict quality control, exemplifying a legacy of craftsmanship that bridges tradition and innovation for an extraordinary experience.

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Ui Artist Collection