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Fine Glass Cold-infusion Pitcher

The Art of Cold Infusion

The Sio Cold-Infusion Pitcher is your ideal companion for cold brewing. Dive into endless flavor possibilities and craft unique combinations tailored to your taste. Equipped with an extended fine mesh strainer, this pitcher excels in brewing ground coffee, loose-leaf tea, and herbal infusions. Enjoy cold brews that are less acidic and boast a smoother flavor profile for a superior tasting experience.

Ultra-Fine Mesh Brewing

The Sio Pitcher comes equipped with a specially crafted 9-inch ultra-fine mesh stainless steel strainer. This extended filter is versatile for both small and large batches of your favorite ground coffees and loose-leaf teas. Moreover, it's ideal for crafting fruit infusions using your preferred fresh fruits such as cucumber, lemon, watermelon, strawberries, and more. With the Sio Pitcher, you'll enjoy delicate, hydrating infusions that refresh both body and mind, guaranteeing pure flavor without any grit or debris.


Moments in Life

The places we have been, the things we have done and the coffee we have had, all seems just like yesterday. The scenery remains the same, the aroma of coffee drifts to me with the wind, together with the tenderness of your touch.

Borosilicate Glass & Copper Top

Boasting a generous capacity of 54 fl oz/1600 ml, the Sio Cold-Infusion Pitcher ensures you have refreshing beverages throughout the day. Crafted from laboratory-grade borosilicate glass and adorned with a smoky gradient finish, this pitcher is set to redefine your drinking moments. The copper-plated lid, complemented by copper volume indicators, brings a harmonious touch of elegance to the ensemble.


Fine Glass Cold-infusion Pitcher

A precise measuring tool for your coffee art, every time.


Dual-wall Insulated Glass

Floating Elegance, Timeless Craft

The Sio Dual-Wall Glass is the perfect companion for the Sio Cold Infusion Pitcher. Aesthetically, the transparent dual layer creates a unique visual appearance as the liquid appears to float inside the glass. Each glass is hand-crafted by our artisan glassblowers using fine quality borosilicate glass. The simple and elegant design of the Sio Dual-Wall Glass blends to any modern tabletop environment, making them the perfect glass for every occasion.

Keeps Drinks Cold

The advantage of dual-wall glass is that it can maintain the temperature of the beverage for a longer period of time, also blocking the temperature of the beverage from being transferred to the outside of the glass, making it more comfortable to hold when enjoying your drink.


A Set of Four with Deluxe Packaging

Both Sio Pitcher and Glass Set come with minimal-style premium packaging, making them excellent gift sets for holidays, housewarming, or any special event where you want to dazzle and leave a lasting impression.

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