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Heating mug

Keep Your Drinks Hot

The Ui Mug employs advanced electromagnetic energy to maintain the ideal warmth of your coffee or tea. This ensures that every sip is enjoyed at the perfect temperature, enhancing the pleasure and taste of your beverage experience.

Fine Ceramics

Made by Ceramic Artisans

Advanced & Patented Technology

Keep Your Drinks Hot

Born from the Earth, Kind to the Earth

Our self-heating mugs are crafted from natural ceramic, free from plastic, paints or batteries, promoting both your health and environmental well-being.

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Self-Heating Mugs for Coffee and Tea & Other Kitchen Accessories

Uvio | Self-purifying Water Bottle

Open Heart . Open Mind

Our Motto

At OHOM, we're passionate about crafting products designed by artists, seamlessly blending the timeless allure of tradition with cutting-edge technology and modern-day practicality. Many of our creations are handcrafted, each one a singular work of art, infusing everyday life with a touch of elegance and convenience. As fervent advocates for environmental sustainability, we're committed to using eco-friendly materials and supporting environmental causes by donating a portion of our proceeds. With OHOM, you're not just purchasing a product; you’re embracing a lifestyle that celebrates artistic excellence, cherishes environmental consciousness, and actively contributes to preserving our planet.

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