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Fine Ceramic Self-heating Teapot

The Art of Tea PerfectedEmbrace the Warmth, Sip in Style

Discover the Leiph Teapot — a blend of refined elegance and cutting-edge technology. This self-heating teapot revolutionizes the art of tea, ensuring your brew maintains perfect warmth from the first pour to the last sip. Its sleek silhouette and artistic design make it not just a teapot, but a centerpiece of any modern environment.

Elevate Your Tea Experience

HeadingA Symphony of Elegance and Innovation

Crafted with a simple aesthetic and intuitive design, the Leiph Teapot invites you to a revolutionized tea experience. Admire its beauty as you savor the enhanced flavors it delivers; the Leiph Teapot is a tribute to the visual and sensory joys of tea drinking. Its innovative core enhances the flavor and ensures an unparalleled tea-brewing journey.


A Multipurpose Pad that Heats Your TeaAlso Charges Your Phone & Earbuds

More than a teapot, the Leiph is versatile. The accompanying OHOM Pad not only provides wireless charging for your cellphone but also works seamlessly with the OHOM unity of ceramic heating products. With its stunning presence and multifunctionality, the Leiph Teapot is an ideal enhancement to your daily routine.

Navy Black
Leiph Black
Leiph white
Leiph gray
Leiph blue
Leiph green
Leiph pink


Fine ceramic self-heating teapot that keeps your tea hot
and wirelessly charges your cell phone

Elegance in Every SipHandcrafted Teacups to Complement Your Leiph Teapot

Each Leiph Teapot Set includes two beautifully handcrafted teacups, thoughtfully designed to complement the elegant form of the Leiph teapot. These teacups enhance your tea-drinking experience with their harmonious design, offering both visual and functional comfort. Perfect for personal use or for sharing a relaxing afternoon tea with friends, these matching teacups bring an added touch of sophistication to any tea setting.