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Dance of Radiance

The Encounter and Rebirth of Mud and Fire

Man blowing on ceramic mug
Man working on ceramic mug
Ceramic mug being shaved

From the first echoes of the Stone Age, human hands have always given life to artifacts of purpose - tools, and utensils which served our practical needs and made life simpler. Yet, humanity was not content to rest with mere functionality. We found ourselves drawn towards aesthetics, daubing our creations with hues, etching them with intricate designs, and breathing into them a second life (1) - one of art. The question begs, why? Why adorn the practical with the decorative? The answer resides in our deepest human essence - a satisfaction transcending the practical, a fulfillment only art and beauty can offer. Just as a plain cup holds little intrigue despite its utility, a beautifully crafted one could command our affection, becoming a cherished possession. Art, symbolizing goodness, peace, and love, truly captures the desires of the human heart.

OHOM, in its unwavering mission, strives to fuse art with the everyday. Through our creations, common utensils are transformed, teeming with fresh vitality and spirit. This year, we've had the good fortune of crossing paths with Luo Xiao, a humble, talented, and established ceramic artist who became the creative muse behind our newest masterpiece, the Ui Artist Collection mug.

Man working on ceramic mug

“In the vast history and exquisite craftsmanship of Chinese porcelain, I am forever just an apprentice.”

- Luo Xiao

At the tender age of 15, Xiao gravitated towards the craft that fused his affinity for nature and art - ceramics. He journeyed alone to Jingdezhen*, the famous town of porcelain in China, to learn the delicate artistry of ceramic creation. Once the esteemed provider of porcelain for the Chinese imperial court, Jingdezhen saw its exquisite treasures coveted by European royals and nobility in the 16th century. Here, Xiao was introduced to a world of masterful artisans and their timeless craft. Jingdezhen was, for Xiao, both paradise and purgatory. While he reveled in the realm of ceramics, he also toiled relentlessly to meet the uncompromising standards of the masters. The journey into art is often a solitary, arduous odyssey. Beneath the silent, star-studded canvas of the night, Xiao's creations sparkled their transcendent beauty, a silent testament to his unwavering dedication, patiently waiting to be discovered by kindred spirits.

Xiao’s early years, spent amidst a pastoral tableau, were rich with rustic charm. Born into the austerity of rural life, his humble beginnings paradoxically amplified his awareness and desire for beauty. Everything around him - the verdant fields, the boundless blue sky, the whispering streams, the golden straw, the playful birds, the weathered mud walls, and the genuine smiles of villagers - each left an indelible impression on his heart, later fueling his artistic creations. Unlike his boisterous peers, Xiao was a quiet, introspective soul. He found solace in solitary walks along country lanes, under the watch of passing clouds and accompanied by the lullabies of the breeze. He'd close his eyes, attentively drinking in the symphony of rustling leaves and chirping birds. He touched the world with his heart, feeling the rhythm of nature in every breath.


1. Decorated Pottery Pot with Bird Pattern, Shilingxia type of Majiayao Culture (ca. 3800 BCE)


2. Qing Dynasty Imperial Revolving Vase 18th-century Qianlong vase sold at auction for $54.3 million

*Many of the most exquisite ceramics in Chinese history were crafted in Jingdezhen, including the Qing Dynasty Imperial Revolving Vase. This remarkable piece garnered a record-breaking US$54.3 million at London Bainbridges Auctions (2), setting the world record for the highest price ever paid for porcelain. This staggering sum attests to the unparalleled craftsmanship and cultural significance of the ceramics produced in Jingdezhen.

artist mugs

Unveiled before you now is Xiao's latest work, the “Dance of Colors.” Its distinctive feature lies in the fluid glaze that weaves together patterns and colors, capturing the essence of nature organically. Achieving such an effect harks back to techniques perfected during China's Tang Dynasty (8th century), requiring the extensive experience of the ceramic artist, deft skills, and precise control over temperature and timing. This glaze, akin to a dancing brush, flutters onto the canvas of the mug, birthing a beautiful and mysterious world. Each mug serves as a unique testament to Xiao's labor of love, each embodying a distinct allure. Through the harmonious interplay of fire and clay, Xiao crafts pieces that resonate deep within the human soul.

We are honored to share Xiao’s extraordinary creations with the Western world through OHOM. We hope this work of art, a testament to nature, harmony, and beauty, will bring a touch of grace to your everyday life.

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