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Ui Plus - Self-heating Mug Set - Stone Gray

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Sale price$108.00

An Extra Large Fine Ceramic Self-Heating Mug

Keeps your drink hot & flavorful at 130°F / 55°C

The Ui Mug is a revolutionary self-heating mug system that maintains your coffee & tea at the perfect drinking temperature with a dual-purpose charging pad that heats your mug and also wirelessly charges your cell phone.

Now the Ui Mug is available in an extra-large size for those of us who just can’t get enough of our favorite coffee or tea. The Ui Plus features an extra-large capacity of 18 fl oz, a 50% increase from the regular 12 oz Ui Mug. Enjoy your drinks even longer without interrupting your work or relaxation with constant refills.

Simple, elegant, and convenient, the Ui Plus takes the hassle out of enjoying your favorite beverages. Maximize flavor and ensure a pleasurable drinking experience.

Ui Plus Specifications:

  • Material: Fine ceramic
  • Volume: 18 fl oz / 532 mL

OHOM Pad Specifications:

  • Mug heating output: 22W max
  • Cell-phone charging output: 15W max

Package includes: Ui Plus with lid, OHOM Pad, power adapter & USB Type C cable

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Color:Stone Gray
Ui Plus - Self-heating Mug Set - Stone Gray
Ui Plus - Self-heating Mug Set - Stone Gray Sale price$108.00